About our little team of marketing misfits.

We are long time marketers and affiliates.  We’ve been building websites, launching products and building our own SEO networks for over 10+ years.  We’ve gotten pretty good at it.  We’ve generated over $30,000,000+ in sales for the brands we work with over the last few years alone.  Probably more to be honest and we just don’t know.  We’re too busy having fun to count it all.

We now have multiple websites in the cannabis industry and a large network that allows us to be decent affiliate marketers.  Some would say world class.  We’re just a handful of guys and gals doing what we love and helping other brands make a ton of money and get a ton of exposure via the traffic we send.

Supplements, skin care, CBD, Cannabis and all things related is the marketing and traffic we specialize in.  

We have the pleasure of working with some of the largest publishers in the world like Healthline, Forbes, WebMD, Green Entrepreneur, Newsweek, Readers Digest, LA Weekly and tons more!

We’d love to work with your brand if it fits into our model and we can strike a great deal with you!

Contact us for more info or to chat at hello@freshleaf.co!

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